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Baby News


I am a mom! FINALLY!


It is so weird to be able to pronounce those words after so many years of being unsuccessful in my quest for that title. It was not how I imagined it happening, but I am overjoyed by the final result! The Banques Mixtes du Quebec program blessed us with a tiny ball of energy that takes up our day to day AND now his baby brother has joined the ranks! Let's hope that he is a little less rambunctious! He is keeping me busy at home on my second parental leave.


I have to say that I am proud to be a voice in the community when it comes to fertility.


After a year of quietly trying to become a Single Mom by Choice and feeling so alone, I broke my silence and publicly spoke about my own fertility issues. The response was incredible and each step was followed by a blog post. 


Click below if you want to read about the realities of trying to be a mom, how I chose to adopt donated embryos (such a beautiful journey that so little know is even an option), how I got pregnant but lost the baby (more than once but got through it), how I met my man and the whole process of how we are now foster parents to the cutest bundles of joy!

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